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Boulevard Heights VFD


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Boulevard Heights Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, Inc. is currently accepting applications from dedicated, motivated  and hard-working individuals interested in joining our fire department.
We provide free Fire and EMS training and uniforms.  To stay on top of our skills, members attend semi-monthly fire and EMS drills and weekly EMT study sessions.  After a few short years of service, Maryland residents are also eligible for a state tax deduction.
If you have a few hours each day or week to volunteer and are committed to all aspects of joining a fire department, give us a call today.
We are currently accepting applications for Junior, Associate and Regular membership.
This is a great time to be a member at Boulevard Heights.   For more information, contact us at 301-568-8112 and speak with a member from the Membership Committee or a Volunteer Officer.
Call now and make a difference today!


Battle, Angelo
Baylor, Marco
Bornman, Kellie
Bornman, Krystal
Bornman, Louise 
Branch, Eddie
Braxton, Larry
Brimage, Corey
Brooks, Lloyd
Butler, Vanessa
Champ, Marlene
Clemencia, Ray
Colbert, Mark
Dariano, Michele
Foreman, Shea
Forrester, Thomas 
Forrester, Trevoir
Fusco, Fran 
Garrett, Leslie
Goodwin, Robert
Gray, Theresa
Gray, Towana
Hall, Dion
Hiligh, Berlin "BJ"
Irby, Wade
Jones, Cindy
Jordan, Antwan
Kelley, Warren
Leggett, Rita
Lowe. Gloria
Lowe, Christina
Mosley, Sharetta
Munford, Bryan
Murphy, Patsy
Nickens, Anita
Oden, Ross
Proctor, Guy
Robinson, LaJuan
Ross, Shawn
Skelton, Gordon
Stevens, Delonte
Veney, Lamont
Welch, Samantha 
White, Desmond
Womack, Chris
Womack, Ed